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Move Aircraft Flight Solutions Ltd has been formed to provide Aircraft Owners and Operators with combined Technical and industry leading Flight Solutions they need.  

The company is led by experienced Airline Transport Pilots who have a multitude of skills and experiences including previous ownership of Part 145, CAMO and Private Business Flight Operation organisations.


We are not a recruitment company and are focussed on taking care of your aircraft asset by ensuring that a vetted, known crew from our small but refined pool of pilots with Ferry Flight experience, operates your aircraft to the highest standard in the safest of hands.  All of our crew members have to hold a minimum of 3000 hours on type in order to be considered for any flight activity under our operations.

That's why we have developed and implemented an industry leading OTARS, EASA and FAA compliant Flight Operations Manual to ensure that shortcuts are never taken - we know that keeping your asset safe during one of the riskiest times of flying is of the upmost importance to us and you.  Ultimately, we want to drive the change behind this relatively unregulated flight activity and will be leading by example as we seek to bring enforcement and regulation into this space of flying - innovation in aviation is at the heart of what we do.


We know what it means to ferry an aircraft as the company is run by experienced pilots and flight planners, respecting procedures such as Flight Time Limitations and ensuring departure and arrival slots are correctly applied for - but our solutions don't stop there.  Everything is controlled and maintained in house, no farming out of services like other companies - this ensures operational control to airline standards, with an organisation structured very similarly to that of a small airline too!

Our PartnerPlus Program ensures that a network of audited CAMO and Part 145 companies are reviewed each year to provide a complete turn key solution so that we can recommend and even initiate management of your project from the point that it is required.  

Don't just ferry your your aircraft, Move it!

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