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For all your Ferry, Demo, Test, Acceptance, Observation and Repossession Flight Support Requirements

Approved by the Bermuda CAA

With over two decades worth of experience and led by Commercial Airline Transport Pilots, Move has the toolkit to ensure the safe transport of your aircraft asset.  We operate with a small pool of pilots in strategic locations that are familiar with flying Ferry Flights, Demonstration Profiles, Acceptance Flights and carrying out Repossession flights.  We also have a small pool of EASA and FAA approved Test pilots who are at the pinnacle of flying aircraft and can manoeuvre aircraft safely in and outside of the flight envelope in the case of airframe modifications.


We cater to a number of client and aircraft types ranging from Aircraft Leasing Companies, Banks, and Operators needing assistance with commercial aircraft to private individuals and government bodies requiring movements for smaller, private aircraft.  All our services in this section are completely inclusive of Flight crew, Ground Transport and Handling, Fuel, Overflight Permits, Navigation Fees and anything else you need us to arrange in order to complete your mission.  

We pride ourselves in quoting accurately.  This means that as well as being very competitively priced, we ensure that our quotes have maximised cost efficiency in each section, for example each and every trip has four fuel quotes before the most reliable partner offering the best value is selected.  Our aim is to save you money and  we are often in a position to refund you at the end of the flight or credit you towards the next project or even donate the excess to charity!

We only use the most competent crews holding a minimum of 3000 hours on type who are familiar with the flight activity you require and our Standard Operating Procedures (SOPS) and OTARS Compliant Flight Operations Manual means that factors such as Flight Time Limitations (designed to prevent fatigue) are respected - keeping your aircraft, our crews and the overall operation safe.

Move has been approved by the Bermuda CAA as a ferry flight operator (under Article 134 Exemption) and as of November 2021, is in the unique position of being the only pilot led company to be approved.  Many other authorities recommend Move due to the way in which we operate, setting a high benchmark and ensuring the safety of the overall operation - this gives confidence to the authorities.


 Move also operates under its own designator (MVE) and its own callsign, 'Move Flights'

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