At Move, we have everything at hand to help kickstart your project because we know the time it takes to source, evaluate, cost and procure services.  This is sometimes hampered with situations, such as repossessions, which could often lead to unfairly priced services.  

We have helped our clients find suitable aircraft storage and parking with trusted Part 145 organisations holding the relevant Approvals for their aircraft projects.  Couple this with Technical Reps that have been thoroughly vetted and 


We have taken the the time to identify and form strong relationships through our PartnerPlus Program with a variety of organisations including Technical Representatives, Part 145, Part 21, Part M and Livery companies.  All of these have been audited and had high level face to face meetings to ensure that the organisation would meet the needs of our clients whilst bringing a high level of customer service and value to any proposition we collectively bring - this remains the core ethos of Move and we try to install this in our partnerships.  To utilise any or all of our partners, please complete the form below.

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